“Garimenkul pazarı şüphesiz global olarak en dinamik pazarlardan biri olup. Al Malay Holding sizlerin piyasadaki en son gelişmelerden ve eğilimlerden haberdar olmanızı sağlar, Sizleri , mülk yatırımızın için en iyi şekilde bilgilendirileceğiniz, global ve lokal piyasalarla ilgili bilgi almak için, kapsamlı medya kösemize davet ediyoruz”

Al Mazaya Holding has reached a cooperation agreement with Injaz-Kuwait to provide training to students .

As part of its CSR Youth-Oriented Strategy

Al Mazaya Supports Injaz-Kuwait’s High School & University Students’ Training Programme:

Cooperation agreement with Injaz for 1000 Students to be trained by Al Mazaya experts

-Staunch support for Injaz’s mission of developing next generation of innovators & entrepreneurs

-Engaging & preparing students for business & professional life

-Building new leaders through education

-Strong belief in limitless potential of young generations

-Practical knowledge and preparation for private sector environment

-Recognition of distinguished students

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy, Al Mazaya Holding has reached a cooperation agreement with Injaz-Kuwait to provide training to 1000 high school and university students. The training, which falls within the company’s support for Kuwaiti youth, will be delivered through volunteering specialists at Al Mazaya Holding and covers government and private schools in the country. The training programme will the decision-making and entrepreneurship skills of students as primary tools for them to overcome future challenges.

Al Mazaya Holding takes pride in providing this flagship programme which ultimately contributes to creating a qualified generation that will prove an asset to the future of our beloved homeland, Kuwait.

Al Mazaya Holding also participated as a jury member represented by Eng. Salwa Malhas Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer in Al Mazaya Holding Company  in Injaz’s Annual Student Competition who was impressed by the students’ ability to manage profitable projects in the competition’s various stages. The competition hopes to boost the self-confidence of students in order for them to launch successful projects after they graduate.

Commenting on the agreement, Eng. Salwa Malhassaid,  the training programme is a “double-sided golden coin, providing multiple advantages for students to gain professional knowledge from qualified experts and simultaneously, allowing volunteers to provide schools and business owners an overall view of  the labour market in Kuwait. Therefore, it creates a collaborative environment between educational institutions and business owners.”

She added that Al Mazaya’s volunteering initiative has already borne fruit, noting that the company’s participation in Injaz’s annual competition was a stepping stone in assessing the students’ overall performance.

“The experience was really positive and Al Mazaya Holding is keen to maintain its support of this illustrious competition in the future” .

Al Mazaya Holding hosted a special recognition ceremony at the end of the competition programme in the presence of Board Chairman Rashid Al Nafisi and Group CEO Ibrahim Al Saq’abi as well as the company’s senior executives. Injaz CEO Rana A. Al-Nibari,and the rest of the company’s executive team as well as the competition winners also attended Al Mazaya’s recognition ceremony.

During the ceremony, an inaugural speech was delivered by Al Mazaya Chairman

Mr. Rashid Al Nafisi, who congratulated the competition’s winners, noting that the participating students demonstrated what they can achieve when they are provided with the right tools, a supportive environment and strong guidance.

“We are very proud of the innovative ideas brought up by our students as well as their enthusiasm, skills and talents. We are looking forward to seeing more innovations in the coming year”.

On his part Eng. Ibrahim Al Soqabi the Group CEO of Al Mazaya Holding Company said that we believe in youth development and we will be supporting such programs throughout the coming years, and we will make sure to encourage the students by volunteering our time, money and efforts to support all their innovative ideas while we can also invest in them for future results.

During the ceremony Mrs. Rana Al Nebari the CEO of Injaz presented the nonprofit organization and shared the company`s vision and mission expressing her sincere appreciation to companies who supported her program such as Al Mazaya. 

recognising the performance of the winning students.  The winning projects were reviewed during the ceremony and Al Mazaya’s representatives presented the company’s shields to the CEO of Injaz. The winners were rewarded with financial prizes, with the team named “Youth Creation” and “Asas”  getting the Best Student Company Award and the best social impact respectively  2017 under the University Category, while “Agrivage” was the best team under the High School Category. The two teams will represent Kuwait in the Annual Regional Student Competition. Other winning teams were awarded cash prizes for their innovative achievements such like “D-stress” and “Drawil”.

AL Mazaya Holding reaffirms its commitment to continuing to invest in youth-oriented educational programmes that enhance the leadership and decision-making skills of the next generation.