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Al Mazaya Holding Co (K.S.C) a leading property firm in the region, signed a contribution contract with "Oman Construction" to share in a real estate investment portfolio in Oman with a capital of OMR 3.1 million. Al Mazaya's share is 40% while 12% is for Oman Construction and 12% for "Mina" real estate company. The remainder of the percentage is submitted for IPO from a chosen group of investors and real estate companies.

Supplementary Disclosure of material information.


Date: 18/01/2024

Subject: Supplementary Disclosure of material information

With reference to the above subject and Paragraph (22) article 4-1-1 of chapter 4 of book 10 of the executive regulation of law No.7 of 2010 regarding the establishment of the Capital Markets Authority and regulating securities’ activities, kindly find attached supplementary disclosure form of material information.

 Supplementary Disclosure



Al Mazaya Holding Co. K.S.C. P

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Signing an Addendum to a Credit Limit Agreement

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With reference to our previous disclosure dated 15/02/2023 regarding signing an agreement between Al Mazaya Holding Co. and a local bank to extend the Islamic credit facilities granted to the company that amounted to KD 34,670,394 in total, the company has signed an addendum to that facility agreement to refinance and reprofile the remaining balance of those facilities amounting to KD 22,250,000 (which includes cash facilities of KD 22,000,000 as well as available non-cash facilities of KD 250,000), where those cash facilities are to be settled within 6 years period through quarterly installments and final balloon payment ending on 02/01/2030 at max. Furthermore, the company has settled an amount of KD 4,000,000 during the procedures of completing the signature and notarization of that credit facility in front of public authorities and hence, the total outstanding amount of those cash facilities has become KD 18,000,000.

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This shall contribute to reducing the finance cost for those facilities in addition to improving the cash flows and liquidity of the company during the tenure of this agreement.

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