Al Mazaya Team

Al Mazaya Holding Company is the result of an idea for investment taken to its logical conclusion. Thinking big, creating high value and earning, as well as growing and maintaining the trust of big-time investors in the Kuwaiti market and abroad, have been the hallmark of Al Mazaya. We provide a wide range of real estate products and services across the spectrum, from purchasing, apportionment and developing of large areas in select zones to offering ready-to-use residential and commercial spaces. 

Al Mazaya Holding team consisting of 100 plus different nationalities, takes pride in its all-encompassing and comprehensive understanding of the real estate market in the region. Consisting of experts and specialists of the market, both the Kuwaiti and Dubai teams comprise of a skilled multi-national workforce specializing in property management, valuation and consulting, brokerage as well as development and construction management.

The organizational team consists of two highly talented set of realty personnel in the following regions: Kuwait and Dubai.