Corporate Social Responsibility

Al Mazaya has established a set of rules to ensure the sustainability of its operations, ensuring the business delivers on the markets is operating at the economic, environmental and social levels. Al Mazaya also seeks to mitigate any adverse impact that might be caused by the company's operations by adopting initiatives that take into account the three major elements of development, namely Community, Environment and Economy.

Corporate social responsibility

Al Mazaya commits to a range of CSR programmes to fulfill the company's ethical obligations towards its employees, society and the environment.

Involvement, participation, support



14 projects participates in “Earth Hour”, Al Mazaya turns off its projects’ lights for one hour in Kuwait and UAE

Al Mazaya Holding Company celebrated the global event “Earth Hour”, as part of its participation in the global campaign which is celebrated worldwide for one hour on the last Saturday of March each year, in order to raise awareness of the dangers of climate change.



Support for Injaz’s Mission of Developing Innovators & Entrepreneurs

AS part of its CSR Strategy, AL Mazaya Holding has reached a cooperation agreement with Injaz Kuwait to provide training to 1000 high school & university students. AL Mazaya takes pride in providing this flagship program which ultimately contributes to creating qualified generation that will prove an asset to the future.


Al Mazaya Holding continues support to ‘The Proteges’ for young leaders

Al Mazaya Holding Company has reaffirmed the company's continued support for The Proteges' annual interactive programme which encourages young Kuwaitis to unlock their potential, discover their passion, providing them with the needed tools to survive life challenges and become active members and creative contributors to their society in line with the Kuwaiti leadership's prudent vision to support youth, and accelerate the development of their skills to enter the labour market.



Al Mazaya showed an appreciation to Art through its support to Loyac Foundation

As part of its CSR strategy, Al Mazaya showed an appreciation to Art through its support to Loyac Foundation at the inauguration of Clover Center Festival that included a variety of family entertainment activities, Russian circus, stage scenes like Omar Khayyam and Rawia playwrights, hip hop and salsa, & music which was all played by Loyac members and has all seen an endless enthusiasm from the audience.



Al Mazaya organizes charity event in conjunction with the official launch of Clover Center

Through this event, AL Mazaya stresses the importance of supporting charity centers and events to ensure the stability of society, stating that Al Mazaya’s support for the Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospice is generated from the company’s deep-seated belief in corporate social responsibility and humanitarian aid.