Al Mazaya Insight

"Al Mazaya Holding Co (K.S.C) a leading property firm in the region, signed a contribution contract with "Oman Construction" to share in a real estate investment portfolio in Oman with a capital of OMR 3.1 million. Al Mazaya's share is 40% while 12% is for Oman Construction and 12% for "Mina" real estate company. The remainder of the percentage is submitted for IPO from a chosen group of investors and real estate companies."

Al Mazaya Holding Company is an organization with great foundations and persistent aspirations. Our aim is to lead in the real estate development sector by amalgamating a basket of services to our clients provided with the highest levels of quality. This is reached through an efficient and well-grounded workforce with a high corporate governance discipline. I can confidently say that we are progressing strongly and the future is exciting.

Here at Al Mazaya, we aim to provide the highest quality of real estate products and services in several fields: Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate, Health Real Estate and Investments. We seek to become the leading real estate company in the region, providing quality high-rise towers, hotels, hospitals, housing, logistics and office space in Kuwait, the GCC and the broader Middle East.

Our purchasing and apportionment of large spaces to develop in selected areas is one of our strongest assets. A fully-fledged team assesses the different feasible locations in which the company can invest and develop in, and in doing so, extracts maximum value from the purchase price.

What we provide is a holistic service. Providing comprehensive real estate services and preparing economic feasibility studies for all types of projects, and following up on construction stages starting from conceptual design up through the execution stages of the projects is the forte of our well- experienced team. 

Mr. Rashid Al Nafisi